Saturday, August 20, 2011



Today, Saturday, was a perfect day from sunrise to sunset.  Mid seventies and low humidity.  A great day for walking and enjoying the Gardens at Waters East.  The birds were about, the butterflies and bees all around the property, and the blooms of lots and lots of flowers still going strong.  Here then are four of a series of twenty-five sunrise pictures taken this morning, with additional photos taken of garden life today, and finally the sunset this evening.  The beginning, middle, and end of a perfect day at the shore.  The photos will do the “talking”, no words needed today.

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  1. Looks like a perfect day there. I just love the open space you have. Just beautiful pictures!

  2. I guess every day is perfect when you are surrounded by Gardens at Waters East! :)
    Enjoyed your gorgeous photos.

  3. Dear John,

    i love your pictures. Espacially the fourth is gorgeous. Here in Germany it's raining.

    Jonas R.

  4. What a beautiful sunrise, it must have been a nice day. Your daylilies are so beautiful, have you sown the seeds from your own plants to got those spectacular daylilies? I love them!
    Have a nice weekend, I hope the stormy weather from the New York district will not reach Lake Michigan. / Hans

  5. Amazing landscape, I wish we had a bit more open space here.

  6. beautiful sun rise pics and love butterfly ones here in Spain not seen any yet.

    Great sculptures