Thursday, May 17, 2012

April - review 2012

This posting is meant as a “base line” in viewing the abundant flowers in the Gardens at Waters East.  These were taken in April to mark the early beginnings of the gardens for 2012.  As of today, many have now "passed on" for the year.  The many posting that will follow in the next weeks will showcase the bounty of the blossoms that are found here on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Do enjoy as the season begins to unfold.



Daffodil & Forsythia

Petasites japonius
"Dionosaur Food"

Lake Michigan in background

Grape Hyacinth

Miniature Iris

Johnny Jump Ups

Pasque Flower

Potentilla "Nana"
ground cover

Scilla Peruviana

moss blooms
Formal Garden Path

Star Magnolia


Daffodil Double White

SunsetApril 9, 2012

To have a quick “look – see” of what will be showing up if all goes well during the growing season this year, see the past archive postings (more than thirty) titled BLOG SHOTS.  Lots of flowers from the past seasons of the Gardens at Waters East. 

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  1. All gorgeous blooms, but I especially love the Tardia and that glimpse of Lake Michigan bhind the daffodil.

  2. great colours hope all is well

    Charles in Spain