Friday, June 7, 2013

Spring Flowers - Watershed #12

The watershed for Gardens at Waters East covers a wide expanse of land reaching back inland from Lake Michigan.  To fully understand this ecosystem go back into the archives of this Blog and read any of the postings listed as “watershed”: especially the postings for  July 2, 2011 – Facts & Photos and anyone of the others that have been posted such as  Seen and Unseen – Watershed #3 posted on February 3, 2012 or the special one on rock formations titled Niagara Escarpment – Watershed #6 posted on July 21, 2012.

All of these blog postings will give you the proper perspective for viewing the following photos taken on trails in the areas covered in the many Watershed postings.

Enjoy some of the many awesome early Spring flowers found while hiking over the past month.

 Whitefish Dunes Park
Beach Walk


 Hepatica - Blue

 Whitefish Dunes Park
"Old Baldy" Trail

 Wood Violet
Ice Age Trail

 Marsh Marigold

 Niagara Escarpment
Door County

 Dwarf Lake Iris
Very Rare Plant
Endangered Species
found along the rocky escarpment

 Rattlesnake Fern

 Native Geranium

 Wild Strawberry
growing out of the escarpment

 Dunes Trail
Whitefish Dunes Park

 Broad-leaved Toothwort

 Hepatica - White

 Niagara Escarpment
gives you the viewer the size of it at the lake's edge

Bush in Bloom

The Watershed
Gardens at Waters East

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  1. It's a beautiful place and nice to see there are protected areas along the shore. The variety of the native flowers is amazing given the harsh winters. The iris is especially impressive.