Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Tree - 2015 #1 - Scotch Pine

A new year, a new tree to follow – New Beginnings

Earliest photo I have of The Tree - five months after planting
September 25, 2010

This year the Gardens at Waters East will be following a Scotch Pine – Pinus sylvestris.  It grows here in the Asian Patio Garden on the property along the shores of Lake Michigan.  Throughout the year you will be able to see the ever-so-slight development of an evergreen, which as you know, is much less noticeable than that of a deciduous tree.  Though the growing development is by far less noticeable, the tree will show progression as the warm weather comes to the Gardens at Waters East.

January 31, 2011

Here are a few information facts about this special tree;
It was bought and planted in April of 2010.  Height at the time of planting was four feet.  It had some preliminary “sculpting” so that it was a great addition to the Asian Patio Garden – giving a needed bonsai effect for that area.  During each of the past Januarys,  a “tweaking” of trimming was done to help preserve that bonsai effect as best as possible.  It has been a learning experience on how to, and maybe how not to bonsai along the way!

June 20, 2011

The short blue-green needles contrast with the bark giving the tree a good deal of interest.  The tree itself is listed as hardy down to a sub-temperature of -30 to -40 F.  Last year the winter of 2013-14  proved a real test of its ability for survival.  By the time March 2014 arrived – most of the needles were gone with only a few at the bottom staying green.  Those that stayed green did so because they were buried in the snow of that winter.  Those that were exposed to the wind and extreme cold of this past winter, all fell off onto the ground.  It looked dead and was about to be cut down when a visitor to the garden said – “just let it be for a couple of months, it might survive”.  The visitor had more hope in that tree than I.

August 10, 2011

As you can see, it has survived through last summer.  However the shock of the winter of 2013-14 did take a toll on the tree.  The needles did not grow as long nor were there as many.  This year will be the true test as to how well this Scotch Pine will revive its full beauty and strength.

September 23, 2014

The monthly postings on this special tree will show the survival and progress as the season of 2015 comes into full “glory”.  The saga of the Scotch Pine now continues.

Photo taken this week: February 9, 2015
after my "bonsai" attempt

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  1. That is an interesting little tree and watching it grow should be fun.