Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tall Ship Festival

This past week nine tall sailing ships passed by the Gardens at Waters East on their way to the Tall Ship Festival in Green Bay.  Standing here in the gardens watching, one becomes reflective of what life was like 150 – 200 years ago when these were the kind of ships plying the waters of Lake Michigan off these very shores.  Thoughts about: what was life like for those men and women so many years ago, where are their decedents today, the many years of history that have taken place in America and how it has changed, and more.  It was a time for much reflection.  Ships from Spain, Norway and ports in the USA sailed by the gardens.  Very nice to see.

first ship at 5:30 AM
passing the gardens

The photos on this posting are not the best – taken with my little point–and–shoot camera, but you get to see and share in part of the experience of an interesting day here at the Gardens at Waters East.

 another at 7:00AM

in the port here in town
 about to sail

sailing by Gardens at Waters East

I jumped in the car and followed them north to the next little town and then beyond.  Followed the ships to the canal in Sturgeon Bay.  It was a wonderful experience that I share here with you.

all the ships mustered off shore with a show of force

 moving north

 shipping canal at Sturgeon Bay

 Two last photos from earlier that morning
off the shores of the Gardens at Waters East

Hope you were able to enjoy a little sailing history this August morning.

The ships participating in the festival were:  El Galeon,  Pride of Baltimore II,  Denis Sullivan,  Windy,  Appledore IV,  Darken Harald Harfagre,  US Brig Niagara,   Madeline,  When & If  


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these images.The tall ships have fascinated me for a long time.I think they look majestic.