Monday, August 15, 2011

Birds & Bees / Bugs & Butterflies - & - Frogs

Birds & Bees  /  Bugs & Butterflies - & - Frogs

Impossible to count the number of visitors that were in the Gardens at Waters East this past weekend.   Everywhere one looked, there was one, then another, and then even more.  They came on foot (feet) and on wing.  After taking more than 200 pictures;  a voice inside my head said – “enough already”.  Here then are a few of the many photos, and some of the many visitors to the gardens.

Just their pictures today, left off the names.


Mourning Dove
watching the Starlings gather in flight

Why they all come to visit.

Why I stay.

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  1. Stunning pictures. So happy to be visiting again after a short absence. Your flowers and critters look familiar and graced my garden this year as well...

  2. What lucky visitors they were to be in such a beautiful garden. The weekend weather was perfection, wasn't it? Just like your gardens!

  3. Fantastic pictures of many lovely flowers and intresting visitors.

    Have a great day

    Greetings from Sweden

  4. Well Jack you set them up with a lovely retreat and are nice enough to share it with us too. So very pretty with all that color and visitors. The first picture must be the sweetest picture ever of a frog. Annie Liebowitz class for sure.

  5. I understand why they all come to visit and why you stay. Definitely, heaven on earth--at least during the summer. Cheers!

  6. Your garden is a fantastic place, i'll understand that you have many visitors, and that you will stay there. In my latest post you asked about why i have wrote zone 7. Thats the Swedish zone 7. You have right that I live in a colder place than you. My garden is in "world zone" 4, and the Artic circle is not far away.
    In one of my older post from august 10, I wonder about diffrent zones in Sweden and in Finland. I have also post a map of world zones in Sweden. I´ll hope you will find any answer in that post. Have a nice day.

  7. Wonderful parade of bugs, Jack! Great captures!

  8. Beautiful post...your garden is so lovely...I'm totally smitten with all your photos of Echinacea!