Monday, April 25, 2022

JUST the Lake

The Gardens at Waters East sits along the western shore of Lake Michigan.  The name comes from the Ojibwe people --- mishi-gami   meaning “great water”. The lake is one of the five Great Lakes in USA, 307 miles long and about 118 miles wide at the widest.  The average depth is 279 feet with a maximum of 925 feet. It is 581 feet above sea level and is the result of the last Ice Age. It contains one Quadrillion gallons of water. It is so large that it would take about 400 billion gallons of water to raise the level by one inch.

Most recent photo of a sunrise at Gardens at Waters East
taken on April 22, 2022

Surface area is 31,200 square miles (82,000 square kilometers).  Waves can reach as high as 20 feet. It is home to the largest freshwater sand dunes.

All photos posted today were taken at the Gardens at Waters East - except the next two.  However if you look closely you might see the gardens on the West side of the lake. 


Heavy rain storm out over the lake
seen form the Gardens at Waters East

The deepest part of Lake Michigan is about 15 miles north of the Gardens at Waters East. The water temperature at that deepest level is nearly a constant 39 degrees. It is the only Great Lake located completely in the USA.

Sunrise in the East

Sunset in the West -
reflecting off the lake clouds in the East




Monday, April 18, 2022

Walking the trails - #2 Autumn

These photos are from one of my final autumn walks.  Leaves are turning colors and many have already fallen to the ground.  This will be the look for a couple of months as we move through the winter, some days with snow, many without in this area of the state - this winter.

Let us begin our hike together.

I have collected so many photos this summer and autumn

that I will give you an “overload” of shots this posting.


Do enjoy


Geese and Coots

Notice the woodpecker holes on the tree.

My favorite tree found on hikes in

Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

Seeds - to give us new life next Spring

Soon this creek will freeze.

Wisconsin State Capitol as seen from Picnic Point
If you look closely you can see a group of white Tundra Swans.

This photo tells us that Winter is here:
clouded grey skies,
leafless tree,
feels cold to me.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Tree Bark #3

Every time I get out onto the nature trails, I am fascinated by the various kinds of bark on the many different tree species along the paths.  This posting will show a few more of the bark variations along the way.


The last postings on BARK were March 13, 2022 and the first was on January 11, 2022.   You might like checking those out if you have not already viewed them because they show some detail on a number of different trees in the area.

Let us start our hike together.

One of many trails through the
Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

One of these times I will take you up to the top of this hill. 
There is a Native American burial ground at the top.
For me - a very meditative place.

This bark is so deeply grooved.

A duck resting on a branch

This is really a fascinating bark.

Bark is now long gone but the mushrooms are taking over.

The woods along the way is pretty dense.

When I saw this I thought that - 
someone must have put this together,
but no,
it formed itself in this way.

Here too, the bark is gone
but now moss has taken over.

Another interesting naturally formed "creation" on a tree.

Some of the trees have this green growth.

Well, time to walk out of the nature preserve.
Until our next "bark" tour!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Splash of Color #3

I don’t know about you but every-once-in-a-while I could use a Splash of Color to brighten up life.  This ongoing series will offer that, colors from the Gardens at Waters East – especially the Summer gardens.

Never before see garden photos.

Do Enjoy and Smile

Sunrise at Lake  Michigan - Gardens at Waters East

Gootendorf Rose

Daylily - hybridized bi

Bumble bee - enjoying self!

False Sunflower



German Bearded Iris

Wild Violet

Daylily # MK