Sunday, October 24, 2021

One Singular Sensation !!!

 One  Singular  Sensation

Special never before seen photo from

Gardens at Waters East


If you enjoy looking at garden photos without many words, here is your chance!!!



Plus – 

one sunrise photo celebrating a new day.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Lake Views!

Gardens at Waters East is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. The lake adds so much to the garden experience here.  It is alive!  Some days very calm, some day turbulent.  Every day it is a surprise.  Every day Lake Michigan  provides a backdrop to the plantings in the gardens, adding to the beauty of this place.


There are a thousand or more photos of the lake in my files.  Here are a dozen for today.





Saturday, October 9, 2021

Community Garden at Eagle Heights

 Summer walks in the Eagle Heights Community Garden - University Housing - Madison, WI


Just a few of the many photos taken this summer in the Eagle Heights Community Garden.  What a wonderful place to see and experience the gardening work of area people and people from other nations.  Some plants are new to me, I have no idea as you will see.  Flowers, vegetables, herbs, and berries – nice.


More to come in a later posting


What is this ???

interesting growing situation

some plots are veery very neat!

a message for all passing through

Are they looking at me?

Student gardeners

Flowers and Vegetables every where you look.

More to come at a latter date.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

1st weekend in October

Took the first weekend in October to start preparing the gardens for the winter, cutting back, pulling out weeds, moving perennials that have outgrown their places, watering one final time. Always so much to do, and it is only the beginning!!!  

Captured a few of the remaining blooms, remembering the masses of blooms only two months ago!  

Do enjoy the end of the season with me.


Main Garden Gate

Native Sunflower - Maximillium

and Lake Michigan

Autumn Clematis

Lily of the Valley - berries

Potentilla bush

Ivy on driftwood arch

view of South Ravine

Russian Sage

Veronica - Sunny Border Blue

Aster with Bee

Off White Aster

Candy Corn - Spirea bush

Ninebark Diablo & Lake


Russian Sage

Siberian Iris - seed pods

Lake view from Asian Patio

Sunset Saturday October 2, 2021