Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The Final Walk in the Gardens in late June 2023

 The Final June Walk in the gardens - - June 2023


Here are more blooms happening in these final days of June.  Earlier on June 9th. ( If you want to check out that posting )  I posted photos of the earlier days this year in June.  The following photos and those of the earlier posting will give an idea of all the wonderful plants that are so “alive” at this time of the year here on the shores of Lake Michigan in the Gardens at Waters East.  There are more but enough is enough - - for now. 



It is a great time of year to enjoy the garden.

Splash Splash Geranium

Siberian Iris

Veronica Blue


Missouri Primrose


Goats Beard

Blue Allium & Flemish Poppy


Ghost Spider on Daisy

Baptisia  australis


Potentilla - McKay White

Salvia - Blue Knight








Friday, June 23, 2023

A "Quote" .3



Native Beee Balm

Foggy Morning

Asian Patio Fountain

German Bearded Iris

Johnson Blue Geranium

Lake Michigan at the gardens

Lake Michigan across East Field

More Lake Michigan - you can tell - 
the lake and its many moods makes the gardens!


Monarch Butterflies are here.

Lake Michigan - again
I never tire of it.

Sunrise in December

Friday, June 9, 2023

A Walk in the Gardens in Early June

A quick walk through the gardens in early June.  Checking on some of the plants blooming this week in the Gardens at Waters East. Many more plants “alive” with flowers – so nice to see. Summer is now happening.

Sunrise at the Gardens at Waters East

Enjoy walking around with me today.


Akebia vine


Virginia blue Bells

Last of the tulips


Lily of the Valley



Johny Jump Ups


German Bearded Iris



Centaurea Montana

Allum Mount Everest





Thursday, June 1, 2023

In Your FACE

 Me, me, me.  Look at me.  No, look at me.  Better yet, skip all those and look at me!  Walking through the Gardens at Waters East, one almost hears this constant refrain.  Every plant wants attention.  Every bloom is screaming – “I’m so beautiful just look at me!”  In many cases they are right.  

Self-centered though they may be, the flowers do make you stop and stare.  They seem to be doing “their thing” just for you.  So why not indulge them for a few moments while walking the paths.


Here then are a couple of lily photos for this posting

pause a moment - - - really slow down and pause a moment

see the details