Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Hunting Season - it is NOW

This week is gun deer hunting week in Wisconsin.  The hunting season has a long history here, for many people it is a family tradition.   There are more than 600,000 hunters in the woods and forest around this stare this week for the nine-day hunting season.

Lots of deer and lots of hunters.

HUMM - Looking in my office window while I am looking out! 


I will say – I don’t have to go far to find them.  Just looking out my windows – there they are!


At all times of the year

All photos taken on the property of 
Gardens at Waters East

Some little one is hungry!

Hiding on the edge of a garden path

The garden files here are loaded with pictures of deer “being at home” in

The Gardens at Waters East.



Footprints of deer on StoneWater Beach
at the Gardens at Waters East


Enjoying a "snack" from the Formal Garden.
Photo taken through the Sunroom window.

This Buck knows he is being hunted!


This photo was an accident - wrong setting.

Yet I like it.

My "ghost" deer in the garden.