Friday, September 8, 2023


 Go Fly a Kite


Go fly a kite!  You may have been told this at least once in your life.  Well, taking that seriously, a week ago a number of people did just that. There was a kite flying “Soar on the Shore” just north of the Gardens at Waters East.  Lots of people and lots of kites.




Lake Michigan

Gardens at Waters East

Bumble Bee in flight

But not only at the beach but even here at the gardens kites could be seen soaring high in the air.  The plants and blooms enjoyed the viewing too!  Now you can enjoy some of the garden on the same days.


Kite above Lake Michigan at

Gardens at Waters East


a closer look


Can you find the "Ghost Spider"
in the Joe Pie Weed?


A final view of the lake from the gardens.