Monday, March 27, 2023

Autumn in Door County - along Lake Michigan

Lets take a run back to enjoy Door County from this past Autumn.  Nice day for hiking and wonderful views of Lake Michigan, autumn trees, Peninsula Park tower views, etc. Enjoy the warmth of the day and season.

Cana Island Lighthouse 

Door County Wisconsin is often referred to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest. It is a peninsula extending out into Lake Michigan with 300 miles of shoreline, 35 named islands, many lighthouses (11), nature preserves (18), county parks and rest stops, small towns from the 1800s, and dozens of art galleries and studios.  Beautiful, a tourist destination for many people from Chicago with so much to do and see. It is an economic engine with tourist and visitors spending more than 350 million ($350,000.000.00 ) tourist dollars there last year.


Peninsula Park Tower views 


Now let us look at just a couple of the many places that people go to visit.

This is only an “introduction” to so many places to visit in the county.

There are so many more!

Goats on the roof.

 Everyone makes this a stop while touring the county.


Revisiting with never before seen photos.



Washington Island Ferry

Cave Point

Everyone goes here every time they come to the county.

Extra one of Cave Point in the Winter.

Top of Mt.Baldy

Miles of roads and trails

Whitefish Dunes beach

Miles and miles of hiking trails.

It is Autumn, have to pick up wild apples.

Pumpkin time too!

Bay of Green Bay

Sunset driving home. 
All in one day of running around Door County.

Evening colors - BEAUTIFUL



Tuesday, March 21, 2023

A" Quote".1 Hysterical

Sitting in the sunroom and looking out the windows this week, it was decided that I need my blooms.  Enough snow for me.  Time to get on with the blooms.  Reminds me of the quote:


“If the Earth laughs in flowers - -

then my garden is hysterical” !!!

I need a good “hysterical” laugh today.  We probably all need the same.


So here we have from summers past, lots of flowers and there are many many more from the Gardens at Waters East - and very soon these gardens will be hysterical once again - - can’t wait!!!







Wednesday, March 15, 2023


By this time of the year here in the Midwest of USA, I like many others, begin to miss GREEN!  Enough of the white.  Snow here & snow there – I say ENOUGH.  So here are photos of GREEN.  It is a relaxing color for the eyes and I would think for the mind.

Lady's Mantle
 PLUS: it is the color for St. Patrick’s Day which is on Friday. 

                                                        So celebrate the GREEN!!!

Petasites dioicus - - Dinosaur Food


Aegopdium podagraris - Snow on the Mountain


Locus tree

Locus & Daylily

Enjoy just seeing   GREEN.

Dutchman's Pipe Vine

Lake Michigan

at the edge of Gardens at Waters East

early growth of

Maximillium - native sunflower

Barbary - Golden Nugget

Cup Plant native

Goat's Beard,  Hinoke Cypress,  Spruce Birdnest

Ribbon Grass


Eponymous - Sunspot

Engelman Ivy

Lakeview path arch

Green - - Lakeview




Friday, March 10, 2023

Want a "Quickie" ? Today

 (All “Quickies” are photos taken and posted the same day)


These photos were taken this morning about 8:30 AM in the Gardens at Waters East. - - 3.10.23.  I was hoping that by this time of the year we would have had enough of the snow – I was wrong!  Still snowing as I type this posting - - humm!


When I looked out the windows it was obvious - - the snow and cold are still here. Though I would like it to be gone, I will admit it really is beautiful especially when it is “fresh fallen” as is the case this morning.


Patio birdhouse

Whitespire birch

snow sculpture of the bushes


One learns not to hate the snow, but to embrace it as beauty.  That makes it easier to handle in my brain.


Sun - while snowing


interesting - snow on one of the patio pots


birdhouse for the smallest of our feathered friends

View looking South

The vines look like a sculpture.



Enjoy a few more photos from this morning.

 After enjoying the snow

I headed back indoors to enjoy what is blooming in the house.


Hibiscus - Hawaiian