Thursday, August 19, 2021


 Here are a few photos, never seen before,  taken in the Gardens at Waters East.

Do enjoy the variety.

November Sunrise



Ghost Spider

Sea Holly


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Day Lilies - - gifts from friends

There is a very long season of day lilies blooming here in the gardens.  It started in June and now here in August many are still blooming.  Last month on July 28th, I posted some of the many day lilies that were hybridized by me here at the Gardens at Waters East.  I have many more of those to share in the days ahead.


Today I want to post a few of the day lilies that were blooming two days ago on my walk through the gardens.  The lilies posted here today were gifts to me from some of my close friends.


Do enjoy.

There are loads more of these you will see in the days ahead.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Walk to the Union this week - along the Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Took a long walk this week to the Union along the Lakeshore Nature Preserve.  Always so many interesting plants, bugs, birds, and flowers.  Great way to get in a little exercise while enjoying - - - 



Mother Earth!


White Water Lily

Joy Pye and friends

Every time I walk along the path, I see this tree.

Looks like a baby tree growing out of a branch!

Birds flying near one of the areas of Lotus plants

A lone dove

Cardinal Flower


Bee Balm



Lotus blooms

area of Lotus flowers