Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Day Lilies - - gifts from friends

There is a very long season of day lilies blooming here in the gardens.  It started in June and now here in August many are still blooming.  Last month on July 28th, I posted some of the many day lilies that were hybridized by me here at the Gardens at Waters East.  I have many more of those to share in the days ahead.


Today I want to post a few of the day lilies that were blooming two days ago on my walk through the gardens.  The lilies posted here today were gifts to me from some of my close friends.


Do enjoy.

There are loads more of these you will see in the days ahead.



  1. Wow, you have some beauties! Mine did not fare well this year (early heat? drought?), and only a few of them bloomed. They are great plants for sun or partial shade. :)

  2. The day lilies and those in previous postings never cease to amaze me. How in the world do you keep the deer away? In this yard, the deer seem to think life is short so eat dessert first. Dessert is the lilies!

    1. They must have other things that they like! I am surprised that they eat them at your home. They never touch the day lilies.