Monday, May 23, 2022

Garden Surprises !!!

While out working in the Gardens at Waters East this week, came across a couple of surprises !!!    So nice to see.



Pheasant on rock at Middle Walk

Last of the Star Magnolia

Fawn only a couple of days old.
Hidden by the mother near the rose bushes.
The mother will move the fawn each day to protect it from predators.

Wood violet - red

Wood violet - blue

Wood violet - white & blue

Wood violet - spotted
I was surprised to see all four types blooming this week.




Sunday, May 15, 2022

One Singular Sensation !!!

Take a look at just one plant here at the Gardens at Waters East, the Crocus.  Looking in close, lots of interesting detail on this photo taken in May.




Thursday, May 12, 2022

TOUR - Gardens at Waters East 5.10.22

Tour of GAWE 5.10.22 

On Tuesday this week May 10th.  I took a “tour” of the Gardens at Waters East. As you will see – the flowers are well behind most of you my fellow Bloggers.  Not even one tulip is bloom at this time!

Double Daffodil

Wood Violet & Bumble Bee





The temperature on Tuesday was in the low 50s F,  12 C !  It is a lot cooler here on the shores of Lake Michigan.  That is nice in the middle of summer when everyone else is “baking” in the Summer heat, and here the gardens live with “natural air conditioning”.

Grape Hyacinth


Petasites japonicus


Siberian  Squill

Magnolia bud

Magnolia bud #2

Siberian Squill field

Wood violet



Once again - our friend the Bumble Bee




Enjoy the few blooms that exist this week.



Sunday, May 1, 2022

Spring Ephemerals

Took a hike this weekend to check-out some of the Spring Ephemerals blooming these days.  Nice to see things beginning to come “alive” once again and the season finally changing to Spring.


Do Enjoy

We will see more of these later.

Then you will find out what they are.

These two photos are the  native Wood Violet

These next three are Trout Lily

The next three are Dutchman's Breeches


A baby rabbit hiding from me!

Tullipa Humilis Lilliput

These are Siberian Squill

Chinodoxa forbesii
Glory of the Snow

These last three are Bloodroot,
the same as the first photo posted today.