Saturday, July 23, 2022

Full of COLOR

Earlier this week the Blog posted GREEN.  When walking around the gardens GREEN was discovered all over the place!  One can check back on that most recent posting 7.19.22 to review that color in all its glory.

Today the Blog will show a few of the many many many different colors in the Gardens at Waters East blooming this week.  GREEN is great, but being honest we all love COLOR in our gardens.

This is only a sampling of all the color in the gardens this week



This is my favorite daylily # X8
that I hybridize  ten years ago here at the gardens.
It is special.
When there is morning dew on it - it is iridescent!!!


Another perfect day here at The Gardens at Waters East.
July 20.2022


Tuesday, July 19, 2022


Decided to do something a little different today.  Instead of focusing on all the beautiful blooms happening in the garden this time of year, I focused on GREEN,  only looking at the myriad shades of green that are now present in the Gardens at Waters East.

So often it easy to skip the beauty of GREEN that more than serves as the “backdrop” for all the beauty we love seeing in our gardens. Stroll around your garden today – skip the flowers – seek out the GREEN and marvel at the variations.


Enjoy all the GREEN you have around you!



I will close with a view from the Asian Patio Garden.
There are 70 plus more GREEN photos but enough is enough to today!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Super Moon over the Gardens at Waters East

The Buck Moon last night was the largest super moon of the year. Called the buck moon because the antlers of the male deer, the buck, are in full-growth during this time. Here is the super moon taken while rising over Lake Michigan at the Gardens at Waters East.


Too dark to see all the flowers in the garden enjoying the sight but trust me, they all enjoy watching this special moon as much as you and I!  The following had a little help from the solar lighting.

Some help from the solar lighting - the Host and Sedums enjoying the moon.

The Patio Fountain, with the help of solar also enjoys the super Moon!

Buch Moon. on July 12, 2022


Monday, July 11, 2022

One Day in the Gardens

Took a walk around the Gardens at Waters East yesterday on Sunday July 10th.  Giving myself a close-up to check out what is blooming. Here are a few of the many blooms happening this day.  No doubt there will be more posted in the days and months ahead!




Geranium - Splish Splash

Someone else checking out the garden!


Potentilla - McKay's White

Dutchman's Pipe

The vine is so named because

the flowers resemble a pipe - think Sherlock Homes.

They are difficult to see because the large leaves cover them up.

The fast growing vine with large heart shaped leaves

was useful in years past to cover over porches

which helped to keep the area cool in summer before air-conditioning.


another day visitor! 

Missouri Primrose

Flemish Poppy

False Sunflower


Sambucus - Black Lace


Geranium - Johnson Blue


Friday, July 8, 2022

Walking the Trails # 4

Here is another posting of some photos from the many walks taken on the nature trails at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Always great views and things to discover, even a smiley face checking me out as I pass-by today.

There will be many more postings of the trails and views and trees and flowers in the weeks and months ahead.


Enjoy this snapshot of nature at UW


"Hello to you"

All the trails are
an excellent place for meditation.