Saturday, October 9, 2021

Community Garden at Eagle Heights

 Summer walks in the Eagle Heights Community Garden - University Housing - Madison, WI


Just a few of the many photos taken this summer in the Eagle Heights Community Garden.  What a wonderful place to see and experience the gardening work of area people and people from other nations.  Some plants are new to me, I have no idea as you will see.  Flowers, vegetables, herbs, and berries – nice.


More to come in a later posting


What is this ???

interesting growing situation

some plots are veery very neat!

a message for all passing through

Are they looking at me?

Student gardeners

Flowers and Vegetables every where you look.

More to come at a latter date.


  1. Neat! Enjoyed the lake photos from today. The 3rd one down looks like it was taken in front of our house. Great work always.

  2. I think of you whenever I drive north where your family farm once was. The lake is up a lot over the last years but is now receding once again - yeah!