Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Discover - - StoneWater Beach

StoneWater Beach

The lake shore along the property of Gardens at Waters East is named:  StoneWater Beach.
The following collection of photos best explain why.

The other day, while taking a slow and deliberate walk along the shore,  a number of photographs were taken of the many and varied forms and colors found at the beach.  It is fascinating to discover the beauty and the detail in objects so often overlooked.  Taking a moment here and there to stop and look down, or to sit and observe, brings a whole new world to life.  Here is a part of the gardens - all in stone.

Beauty and Wonder 

 Stone  &  Water

Stones & More Stones

Waters East

The Colors

The Forms

The Textures

The Variations

The Interest

So Many - & - So Different

Looking North  &  Looking South

The ending of a wonderful day of discovery.

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  1. Love this post and the stroll along Lake Michigan. Whenever we manage to take a drive to Cave Point, I love to watch the waves crash in and also to look at all the stones and their forms and colors at Bay Shore Park. How wonderful to have this beauty so near at hand. I feel as refreshed as if I had been there myself.

  2. Great pictures! It's amazing what you can see when you just take the time to look. Just seeing the pictures brings back memories of walking along Lake Michigan. I grew up in the Sheboygan area, and my grandparents lived by the lake.

  3. This is one thing I missed out on this summer--a trip to Lake Michigan. Maybe I'll do a day trip before the end of September. It's so beautiful over your way!

  4. Hi Jack, What a lovely spot you have. Even if it's rainy and humid sometimes. Happy Weekend, Evelyn

  5. hi John,
    it's always impressing to see what various and interesting objects our nature can form. and it neeeds a special sense to ot overlook them

  6. Such a wonderful spot you live in! Is it possible to go swimming in the lake or it's too cold?

  7. Your beautiful pictures from the Stone water beach makes me marvel at what a wonderful place you live in next to Lake Michigan.
    Would you wish that I send you some different seeds from our garden here in northern Sweden? The climate here is certainly cooler, but I'm sure that perennials that grow here can grow in your climate as well, you've also get the winter season like us.
    If you mail me your address I can send some seeds, if you like?
    Have a nice day / Hans