Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Hybridized Daylilies & July Review

Snapshot of July

July was a very hot and humid month here at Gardens at Waters East.  That being the case;  the flowers have outdone themselves.  Hundreds of blossoms every where one looks.  The following photos were all taken during July.  This posting is a “summary” of some of them seen while walking the paths to and from Lake Michigan.  And, I will remind you that the saying “cooler by the lake”  did not apply here during this July!

StoneWater Beach
Gardens at Waters East

All the single daylily photos shown here are from the Gardens at Waters East hybridized category labeled #28 - Rainbow Series.  They are all a part of a select group of plants, one of a kind, from above average parentage.

                    #1                “Ditch” daylily                         California Poppy
                                       (Hemerocalis Fulva)
                                        Blue Veronica                          Missouri Primrose

                              #2                     Daisy                        Allium – Azureum                                   
                                              Native Primrose            Coreopsis – Sunshine 

                     #3            Heliopsis – False Sunflower            Flemish Poppy
                                     Diablo Ninebark                              Rose – Carefree pink

                    #4            Sambucus – Black Lace             Geranium – Splish Splash
                                    Sweet William                             Delphinium & Tiger Lily

                     #5            Petunia – Bubblegum                  Gooseneck Loosestrife
                                     Daylily – Hyperion                       Pink Mallow

Note:  other newly hybridized daylilies were posted on the last Blog posting
Friday July 29, 2011

If you wish to email a message or share photos of your garden
please do that through this Blog site or with an email to:

If you wish to email a message or share photos of your garden
please do that through this Blog site or with an email to:


  1. Nice synopsis of July. You are in the perfect spot during this hot summer! The breezes off Lake Michigan must be so refreshing! Enjoy!

  2. Such Splendid Colors! I'd love to be in this garden.

  3. I love any daylily with a watermark or bi-color or anything with a blue shade to it (I could probably go on). Love the lavender one with the blue eye and yellow throat! I have some cool seedlings this year, but I never kept track of the parents:(

  4. The daylilies look fantastic! Also, I am glad to see that you have the gooseneck loosestrife, since I think it is underused plant, at least around here. I do not think I have even seen it at nurseries around here; my own plants are divisions that were kindly given to me two years ago by an older couple in whose garden I was helping out.

  5. Your daylilies are a dream and your summer garden looks at its top!

  6. Lovely! Are all these as hardy and as easy as they look, or are they all different in that regard?

    Also, do you have varieties that keep blooming in August and Sept? If so, looking forward to learning about those. Mine all seem to die out by mid-August.

  7. July was a very hot month, I'm almost glad it's over, though I'll probably feel differently come January.

    Lovely daylilies you have showcased here. Let's hope August is more comfortable!

  8. Lovely flowers in your garden. They bloom like a wonderful fireworks display of colors. It appears that your plants love the heat more than you do.
    Here in northern Sweden, the heat has been replaced by rain and chilly winds, but the plants need water, they have suffered from drought and heat in the past month.
    When the weather gets colder, it feels like we live closer to Sweden's northernmost town - Kiruna than we actually do. It takes almost a day to travel there by car. It is 26 years since I last visited Kiruna. I usually go south when I travel.
    Have a nice day.

  9. Gorgeous lilies. So many colors that I never knew existed. Did you create these hybrids? I'm enjoying reading your prior posts as well. What a lovely area you live in.

  10. Wow! What a beautiful place to live and what gorgeous photos of all your stunning lillies. Amazing!
    ......and the post on the sunrise - awesome! :)