Sunday, January 15, 2012

Once Around the Sun - - vol.1


This series is a photo essay of one year in the life of the Gardens at Waters East.  Each and every photo was taken at the property of the gardens over the course of one year giving an “overview” of the many faces and expressions found at the Gardens at Waters East.  Photos are labeled the month they were taken.  Hope your “year” visiting here today brings you joy from flowers, sun, water, and more.
Enjoy your time – Once Around the Sun.












Special  Notice:

Five postings of note for 2011 --- check out the Archives

1.  Straits of Mackinac - - January 2, 2011
2.  Monarch Butterfly Feeding Station - - March 1, 2011
3.  Golden Principle of Design - - May 2, 2011
4.  Watershed – Facts & Photos - - July 2, 2011
5.  Cairns - - November 1, 2011.

Plus all the “BLOG SHOTS” throughout the year.

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  1. Hi Jack, I love the way you documented your garden through the seasons. The photos all have a very peaceful quality. You have created a beautiful garden.

  2. My fave is August. The path is lovely, like something out of a magazine! I can appreciate the hard work put in to the path and laying those stones...

  3. I don't even like winter, but December is a stunning photo with the oblique light. But May through August have me longing for summer by the lake. Beautiful photos, Jack!

  4. What a wonderful seasons cavalcade. You have snow in December, beautiful. This year we haven't got snow in Denmark. Not that I miss it! My favourite is October - lovely picture. (Sorry if this is misspelled!)

  5. Lovely views of your garden throughout the seasons. It's amazing how it transforms in August-beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog-it brought me here to find you! Happy Gardening!

  6. A wonderful calendar! Ciao da Venezia| :)

  7. What a wonderful trip through the year...I'm so absolutely in love with the August pic...that path through the billowing mounds of flowers...just amazing!

  8. Hello from Denmark.

    What a lovely blog.
    Looking through your pictures I can see that you have many of the sae plants as we have here in Denmark. I suppose the climate is almost the same.
    I have a small nursery and sell some plants native to USA. It¨s exiting to find plants from other spaces and try them here.

    Good day to you.

  9. Lovely garden. I love your header photo - what lovely colours. Happy New Year and Happy Gardening, Evelyn

  10. Beautiful !!!! Love your photos, Jack !!!
    Thank you, for commenting on my blog and let me find your wonderful world. Greetings !!!

  11. Hello, new blogger friend. All of your photos are stunning but April is my fav. The lady bug won me over. Maybe it's a Japanese Beetle.

    I'm pleased to have found another Wisconsin garden blogger. Now I need to get busy and do some blogging of my own.

    Happy day to you.


  12. Your blog is lovely ... sure I have to take idea for my garden
    Have a good evening, see you soon

  13. Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I enjoyed it very much! What a great garden you have. The flowers, especially on your first photo, look stunning. It must be difficult gardening in zone 4/5 with those low temperatures in winter.

    Happy day!


  14. Hollo Jack,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. It's a pleasure to visit you.

    Best regards Claus

  15. Hi Jack,

    HAppy to find you! You have a wonderful garden! So nice to see all those pictures and the different seasons, so similar that what we have in Finland!

    Nice thing that you find my blog, we share the "zone", even though I think you are right about having warmer summers.

    I'm so I havent been able to insert a google translator as a gadget (it always says it is broken???) but if there are some of the stories you would like have in english I will be happy to write an english translataion to the end.... as soon as I have the time (my twins and 3 other kids are just now taking all the energy after work... I would be so happy getting back as a housewife... althoug I have one of the best works one could imagine, still... it is a w o r k !)...

    Have a nice week!
    Yours, Karolina