Sunday, January 1, 2012

Succulent - - Sedum

The Gardens at Waters East has a variety of Sedum plants from low ground cover types to small bush types.  There are more than 400 species of these plants.  It takes so very little care to make them happy.  They are not fussy about soil.  They only ask for good drainage.  Sedum are;  drought tolerant succulents that store water in their leaves, easy to propagate, any sunny place makes them happy.  They have great texture, a varied forms, and both a variety of leaf and flower colorations.  Many are easily hardy to Zone 3.  All these qualities can certainly make any gardener planting them happy too!

You may have noticed that today in the world of design, sedum are becoming popular with the “green movement” as a roofing  material because of their qualities of easy care, drought abilities, and insulation.  No doubt the world will be seeing more use of these hardy plants.  Office buildings and many homes in cities large and small have seen a movement in the direction of this environmentally friendly living material.

Since one does not need a “green thumb” with these plants, Gardens at Waters East has used them in a number of the garden room with a sense of “plant them and forget them” attitude.  A great time saver when your garden is large with many other more fussy plants.  That is one of the reasons they are a favorite of this gardener.  That, and the wonderful variety of color, form, texture, etc. that they offer throughout the gardens and throughout the seasons.

Here is a partial list of plants and some photos of sedum living and doing well in the gardens, with so little care in the Gardens at Waters East.

Sedum  spectabile  “Autumn Joy
(now moved to genus – Hylotelephium)

Sedum  spectabile  “Stardust”
Sedum Angelina
Sedum Kamtschaticum Veriegata

Sedum  Dragon’s Blood

Sedum  Alborsedum  “medivariegatum’

Sedum Matrona

 Sedum  Gold Dust
 Sedum  Ellacobianum
 Sedum  Green Oracle

 Sedum  Donkey Tail

Plus many more, the names of which are unknown – to me

The following photos were taken in the garden, during the Summer, and during the Winter so as to demonstrate that with these “tough” plants there is interest year round.

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Sedum, too, and I have the gold-blooming variety growing along a rock wall almost exactly like yours. It's such an easy-care plant. Thanks for sharing all the Sedum options!

  2. Love the blog! A friend of mine is now growing sedum for the green roof movement. They turned a portion of their farm into a sedum field! Wonderful! I think the variegated sedum in your rock wall is "Autumn Charm"? Is the green one with the yellow flowers the euphorbia, cushion spurge?
    I have grown to love sedum- the deer leave it alone!

  3. Your photo's of sedums are really beautiful. Especially the first one is breathtaking!
    I notice that the names of succulents are interesting in English,like "Donkey Tail" or "Dragon's Blood":)
    It's also same in Japan.
    The fourth photo from the bottom is called "Misebaya"in Japan, which means "I wannt show you its beautiful flower."
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment:)