Monday, April 1, 2013

Once Around the Sun - vol.3

Once Around the Sun

This series is a photo essay of one year in the life of the Gardens at Waters East.  Each and every photo was taken at the property of the gardens over the course of one year giving an “overview” of the many faces and expressions found in the Gardens at Waters East.  Photos are labeled the month they were taken.  Hope your “year” visiting here today brings you joy from flowers, sun, water, and more.

Enjoy your time – Once Around the Sun.

 January 15
Rose & Hosta Garden

February 12
Lake Michigan
StoneWater Beach

 March 17
Winter Aconite

April 18

 May 13
Star Magnolia

 June 17
Cedar Waxwings

July 20
False Sunflower

 August 9
StoneWater Beach
private beach of Gardens at Waters East

 September 13
Bee in Morning Glory

 October 3

November 26
Asian Patio - Sunset

December 10
Rock garden

Special  Notice:

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  1. Gorgeous photos, and having the change of seasons is one of my favorite reasons for living in Wisconsin. Every season is beautiful in your garden.