Friday, August 9, 2013

Eye Candy

This series presents only one special and rather interesting flower from the Gardens at Waters East.  Here are a couple of photos of the same plant, so that the plant can be seen and studied for its unique beauty.

The plant in this posting is a Spider Lily (for the life of me I can not think of it’s botanic name, if you know let me know).  It is a very delicate and interesting blossom measuring 7 – 9 inches in full bloom.  The bulb is brought in every Fall for protection, then replanted again the next warm Spring day.
Do enjoy the viewing.

NOTE:   Since this Blog is meant to be an accurate journal of the gardens;
no photos are “staged”, “arranged”, or ”photo-shopped” in anyway.
What is posted – is what it here.  It is what it is.

 August Sunrise over Lake Michigan
Gardens at Waters East

Sunset - Looking East
Gardens at Waters East

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  1. Beautiful, I think it is Ismene festalis and is in my garden at the moment flowering too.

  2. Oh, wow!wonderful blooming! I have Ismene as well, it bloomed in May :))!
    You can see it on my blog in 'popular posts'. Your is very nice on blue sky background.

  3. Oh yes, that is a beauty! Especially with the Lake as a backdrop! Lovely!

  4. Very beautiful flower! I like your pictures!

  5. So lovely place and photos !!:)

  6. Fantastic photo I like the white flower.