Friday, February 14, 2014

Sturgeon Bay Canal Preserve - Watershed #18

This posting shows photos of one of the newest nature preserves in the area.  It is located along the Sturgeon Bay shipping canal about 25 miles north of the Gardens at Waters East.  It was a very cold day for walking in the forest, yet that was the day to see the Winter beauty of this preserve.  This watershed nature preserve is all part of the same watershed which cradles the Gardens at Waters East.  To learn more about the watershed – check out any of the series titled “Watershed” in the archives. Lots of interesting facts and photos.

Enjoy your hike.

 Overview of the Watershed for Gardens at Waters East

NOTE:   All photos use in this posting were taken within the Watershed land and water area of
Gardens at Waters East
NOTE:   For a basic understanding of “watershed” – check out the archives beginning with the first posting on this topic dated – July 2, 2011 and the many subsequent postings in that series.

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  1. Beautiful images. I love seeing the long shadows of the trees on the snow.

  2. Sweet!!! They needed to do this. Looks like an awesome place for a hike and bird!

  3. Love the pictures of my neighborhood! For those from afar - unable to walk the beach, pier and trails - you've provided a marvelous vicarious experience and perhaps whetted the appetite for a lake shore trip through Door County. The canal, Cave Point, the dunes, the parks.......

  4. Thank you for sharing the photos, we'll make sure to visit this area soon. I see some cross-country ski tracks so maybe I'll bring the skis along.

    Five more inches of snow tonight.....but at least it's getting warmer!

  5. Love your weather and the photos, Jack. The water and the snow are so bright and clear.
    Have a nice week!