Friday, November 14, 2014

Fossils - StoneWater Beach

During the recent summer while hiking along StoneWater Beach, the shore along the Gardens at Waters East,  a number of interesting fossils were found.  For millions of years before the last ice age, this area was part of a great sea.  There are many fossils of ancient sea life that can be found as one walks along kicking up the stones.

October Sunrise at Gardens at Waters East

Many of the fossils found here are more than four-hundred million years old.  These stones, these fossils, trigger reflection and meditation and thoughts of what lived here so long ago; and the spirits of all that life frozen here in time.

Here one can uncover and discover all kinds of life that at one time called this place home.  Journey with me as together we will find “treasures” of ancient life.  Here are twelve of the many!  Any ideas of what is what???

 One final look at StoneWater Beach

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  1. Just amazing pictures of the fossils! Fantastic that they were found more than four-hundred million years old. What a treasures!
    Love the photo of StoneWater Beach!

  2. Great pictures!

    Greetings Kathrin

  3. A nice colection, Jack, and such a lovely beach. You always have something amazing to share. Thank you !