Saturday, November 1, 2014

Watershed #22 - Peninsula Park - Autumn Hike

This, the last week of October, was a good time to get out to see the remaining colors on parts of the Niagara Escarpment that stretches across Peninsula Park in Door County.  The rock formation is interesting itself, (if you want to know more about it click on:  however the hike this week was to check out the remaining colors in the most popular camping park in Wisconsin.  The trail that was hiked is called Eagle Trail and runs along the base of the sheer cliffs at the edge of the bay of Green Bay - - massive and irregular rugged rock formations rising 240 feet that make for beautiful scenery. 

Many of the leaves have fallen, but lots still remained.  Plus, here and there, it was easy to find flowers still in bloom.  Once again way too many photos taken.  Here then are only a few of them so that you get the “feel” of the season in a place so near and so special.

Enjoy you hike today – the colors & the rock formations.

 rock cliffs rising up to 240 feet
above the waters of Green Bay

 flowers here and there still in bloom

 notice the people along the trail

 beautiful sky this day
a great accent to the leaves

 springs flowing out of the cliffs

many caves along the trail

 so quiet - so peaceful

 interesting color on this tree trunk

 colors on an island in the bay off of the park

 the village of Ephraim
as seen from the park

one last view
looking out over the bay of Green Bay

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  1. Thanks for comment at my blogg that made that I found yours.
    Have scrolled up and down several times. Wonderful images and stunning scenery. Nice to see a bit of Lake Michigan too.
    Like many Swedes I have relatives in SOM

    Har scrollat upp och ner flera gånger. Underbara bilder och fantastisk natur. Roligt att se en bit av Lake Michigans stränder.

    Som många andra svenskar har jag förstås släktingar i SOM.

  2. Gorgeous and powerful autumn images! /Anja

  3. Oh no,not too many pictures at all. Each one is so beautiful. The rock cliffs are interesting and of course the coloured leaves against the blue sky are always pretty.