Saturday, April 16, 2016

Guatemala Eternal Spring #2

While it was Winter in the Gardens at Waters East, I flew off and worked as a volunteer in Guatemala for two months while enjoying the country often referred to as “The Land of Eternal Spring”.

private garden at Lake Atitlan

It is a beautiful place, something always blooming everyday of the year.  This will be a four-part series sharing with you – a fellow plant lover – a few of the many sites on this “working” trip.  No doubt I was able to help in the lives of the people I worked with, but make no mistake, I too was nourished by them and the beauties of this wonderful land.

growing wild in an undeveloped area of San Isidro

Though this series is mainly about the flowers of Guatemala, I did post some other photos.  In addition to the many flowers discovered while on walks, in private gardens, along the back roads, and in nature preserves, there are photos from the Mayan archaeological ruins of Iximche where I spent a day exploring, and photos of some of the people and places where I spent the days in Guatemala.  This will help place the flower photos in the “context” of this beautiful land.

enjoy visiting
The Land of Eternal Spring

 Iximchie - overview

 found on a hiking trail

 flower at the Cayala nature preserve

 This was a surprise
as  I walked out the door of the house in San Isidro.

 private garden at Lake Atitlan

 ruins at Iximche

 private garden at Lake Atitlan

 morning clothes washing at Lake Atitlan - Santiago

 private garden at Lake Atitlan

 view crossing Lake Atitlan to Panajachel

sunset at my cottage - Lake Atitlan

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  1. A paradise for every plantlover, what a place ! So beautiful!Thanks for sharing.
    Viele Grüße Sisah

  2. ...that remindes me.... in nearby Berlin an exhibition 'The Maya – Language of Beauty' just opened. Your posting gave me another kick to go there and have a look :-))even though I'd prefer living plants. Sisah