Thursday, August 25, 2016

Want a "Quickie" ? Today 8.25.16

(All “Quickies” are photos taken and posted the same day)
These photos were taken this morning at the Gardens at Waters East. - - 8.25.16
I took a quick walk around the gardens before heading off to the library.  Summer is quickly fading. Autumn is beginning and the plants are now showing that the process is happening.  Once again – way too many photos to post - - so here are a few as a “sampling” of this day.

 Succulent in the Asian Patio

 Siberian Iris - seed heads ripening

 Rudbeckia & Artemisia

 Petunia & a hungry visitor

 Maybe someone out there in the "global garden village" knows the name of this one.
I can not seem to find it.  Leaves look very fern-like.


 Native - Cup Plant

 Butterfly - another visitor today

 Central Pot  in the Formal Garden

 Joy Pye Weed - and someone who is checking it out this morning.

 Pink Mallow

 Mallow Zabrina

 Love over the Fence

 Garlic Chives in bloom

 Overview - muted colors of Autumn
You would never know that the top half of this photo is Lake Michigan at the garden shore.
Lots of clouds this morning.

NOTE:   Since this Blog is meant to be an accurate journal of the gardens;
no photos are “staged”, “arranged”, or ”photo-shopped” in anyway.
What is posted – is what it here.  It is what it is.

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Reference Note:  For a complete list of the ten (10) Principles of Design plus the special “Golden Principle of Design” used throughout Gardens at Waters East, check out the archive postings for November 14 – 24, 2010 and May 2, 2011.



  1. Beautiful photo's of your garden Jack! I have the same muted colours in mine. I am hoping for the Zinnia's, more Dahlia's and Cosmos to appear soon.

    Your comment about politics made me laugh. Trump indeed :-) What a character.

    Enjoy your day!

    Madelief x

  2. Wonderful photos! Greetings!:))


  3. Deine Bilder sind ein wunderbarer Spiegel deiner herbstilichen Blumenwelt.
    Sehr schön.
    Die Pflanze mit den gelben runden Blüten wächst bei mir an vielen Stellen im Garten:

    Santolina chamaecyparissus. das bei uns Heiligenkraut genannt wird, ist eine widerstandsfähige Planze, die ich wegen ihres herben Duftes sehr mag.

    Beste Grüße,

  4. Beautiful pictures.The yellow flower with the fern like leaves is a Tansy as far as I know.