Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 24, 2016

Here in photos, is the week of Christmas 2016 at the Gardens at Waters East.  As you can see: special visitors and snow – so Christmas-like for those of us “up North”. Most of these were taken this morning after yesterday's beautiful soft snowfall.
Enjoy the season and the celebrations!

 You are always welcome to visit.

 "Blade" the garden darling!!

 So interesting the snow melting on branches.

 Love these shadows in the Asian Patio.

 There seems to be more and more of these "visitors" in the garden - hmm!

 Formal Garden

 Even the blowing snow creates art - nice.

Fountain Head - Asian Patio

(All photos are taken here on the property – just as it is – no “photo shop” on this blog!)

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