Monday, January 22, 2018

Autumn colors #6 - Pattison State Park

Intro:  This is number 6 in the continuing series - Autumn Colors

Big Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park is the fourth-tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains, and the tallest in the state of Wisconsin.  It is impressive at 165 feet.
Native Americans believed that they could hear the Great Spirit’s voice from the falls. The sound is a constant “thundering” sound.  One can feel the vibrations from the pounding water both in the air and with the earth movements as it impacts the rocks below.

There are more than eight miles of hiking trails in this park and there is a second waterfall, Little Manitou which is thirty-one feet high.  Both falls are fed by the Black River.  The park is located about thirteen miles south of Superior Wisconsin.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to another beautiful park in the Wisconsin park system.


  1. The beauty of fall colors rivals that of any flower garden.

  2. I often think Spring is my favourite season, then I see Autumn in all its glory.

  3. i love all your photos it's beautiful and lovely so much.