Wednesday, September 4, 2019

AMAZING - Monarch 2019.1

Here we go!!!  If you check out the most recent posting (September 2, 2019) you will have enjoyed a video of the Monarchs in the gardens resting for the night.  All were resting for three days and getting nourishment from the many native flowers here in the Gardens at Waters East. They were preparing to fly on to central Mexico. So many Monarchs.

This posting and the next (Monarchs 2019.2)  are a few of the many photos taken while the famous butterflies were here.

 one formed into the chrysalis & one just starting as it forms the famous "J"

One of the Monarchs escaped the cage and built a chrysalis
under the coffee table in the sun room! 

 Final moments in the release of the butterfly from the cage.

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