Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HOT HOT HOT - Sunrise July 20, 2011

This was the colorful and cloudy sunrise this morning as seen from
Gardens at Waters East
on the shore of Lake Michigan.
It was a beautiful display of nature’s glory to welcome another day.
(no photo was "doctored" for color, all are as it happened)

July 20, 2011


 Heliopsis - False Sunflower
reaching for a new day

Petunia - Vista Bubble Gum
waiting for the morning sun

White Daisy
seeing the light

Palm in the Formal Garden

 Ship Bib
part of  a schooner from the 1800s

 Morning Light
a new day beginning

viewed through a porthole sculpture
form the ferry - Straits of Mackinac

Another porthole sculpture
Straits of Mackinac
NOTE: more pictures and facts on this ship can be found in the archive
Blog Posting
dated January 2, 2011

welcomes the morning sun

Clouds Breaking
brightening the day

becoming white

Blue Veronica
reaches for the sunshine

After the beautiful sunrise;  the rest of the day got really HOT and HUMID.  The heat index was an unbelievable 109 F.  For humans that is just way too hot and uncomfortable, people wilted!  However, the plants loved it.  Things are blooming all over the place.  Here are a few example of flowers from today.  All have smiles, happy with the sun, heat, and even the humidity.

False Sunflower   White Daisy    California Poppy

                 Lavender         Delphinium    Coreopsis-Early Sunrise

Tiger Lily

Asian Patio Garden

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  1. It was a scorcher, wasn't it?! I lost a struggling Zinnia, even though I've been watering it. Oh well, the others loved the sun and humidity. I love your sunrise shots. "Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight. But what happens when both happen for days on end?

  2. Beautiful colours! The sunrise pictures are breathtaking!

  3. God is good .. what a beautiful day! And thank you for sharing :)

  4. Wow...spectacular sunrise! You captured it beautifully!

  5. Hi there
    Thank's for visiting my blog. Smile, my English must be very poor that you didn't recognize that it was bilingual :o) :o).
    Your photos are wonderful. I especially love those with the porthole sculptures. Thank you for showing me the sun again, we haven't seen it here for a week and it has become very cold *brrrr*.
    Take care

  6. How nice to find another garden blog from Wisconsin. Love your sunrise photos, such brilliant color. We were in Door County on Thursday on a garden club bus trip and it was just beautiful, much cooler than it was back home. Lake Michigan is such a grand backdrop to your garden!

  7. Wonderful images of a sunrise with spectacular colours! And I love this view from your garden over the vast grasslands until the horizon! Adorable!
    Thank you for paying a visit to my blog, have a look again...I dedicated my last posting to you as my 100th follower ;-))
    Viele Grüße