Monday, July 18, 2011



(All “Quickies” are photos taken and posted the same day)
These photos were taken just today at the Gardens at Waters East. - - - - - July 18, 2011


 Morning Storm
passing out over the lake

Daylily - Awesome Candy
first bloom today

Baby Robins
big difference from the July 7th Blog Shot #18 posting

One of the 400 + unique hybridized daylilies #11
"created" at Gardens at Waters East

Egyptian Walking Onion seed heads

Flemish Poppy

First day of blooming
White Coneflower

Monarda - Burgundy
blooming after the morning rain storm

Orange Poppies
happy for the return of sunshine

Daylily #7
another of the unique hybridized plants
"created" at Gardens at Waters East

Coming to the end of the season
final bloom today for the
Gottendorf Rose

Reference Note:  For a complete list of the ten (10) Principles of Design plus the special “Golden Principle of Design” used throughout Gardens at Waters East, check out the archive postings for November 14 – 24, 2010 and May 2, 2011.

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  1. What a difference a month makes!


  2. The baby robins are all fuzz now. Pls try and post a picture of them when they grow a little more. Thank you for all the other beautiful flower shots.

  3. A very beautiful parade!
    And sincere congratulations for your own hybridized plants...

  4. Thanks for the visit to my blog yesterday. I see you are growing Egyptian Walking Onion, similar to the garlic in my photo. Can you eat these?

  5. Beautiful! But what is an Egyptian Walking Onion????