Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Colors - Part 3

This is Part 3 of three different postings.  -  -  -  Choose as many as you care to view.

Aster & Veronica

At this time of year while walking through the different garden rooms, one finds there are many soft and muted colors showing in the Gardens at Waters East.  The shades of pinks, blues, yellows, and browns, seen in the blooms and even in the clouds – announce that Fall is here.  Can Winter be far behind?

The following photos were all taken within these last days of September.  Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the final weeks of the growing season.  Lots of Winter preparations yet to be done - - that can wait,  for now just enjoy.

 Butterfly on Aster

Goldenrod & Aster

Seed Head
Queen Anne Lace

Asters & Diablo Ninebark
Along Middle Walk

on fence  post

Aster & Engelman Ivy

Purple Coneflower

Aruncus Aethusifolius
Dwarft Goat's Beard

Native Sunflower Maximillium
& Goldenrod

Engelman Ivy

Seed Head
Wild Grass

American Alfredo Compact Trilobum - Cranberry
& Aster

Changing Colors

Seed Head

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  1. Jack, You are to modest your gardens are breath taking and you are very good at capturing the monent--cardinal shot and eagle! I can see why you love your house and property you even make the frozen tuntra look good.

    Ron and I as well as our other guest enjoyed your company Thursday evening.

    I am going to see about getting the ladies to get going on starting up the book club soon.


  2. The Goldenrod and Asters are particularly lovely together. But the whole place looks magical about now!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful, lovely colors, they remind me of the summer that just has been, but now it's autumn here in northern Sweden, the trees drop their leaves and it is freezing cold at night. Soon the snow arrives ...

    You must be happy who still have the summer feeling left in your garden.

    Have a nice day. / Hans

  4. Nice pics, still seems like summer here in Spain though Autumn, hope all goes well there hehe.


  5. Wow, this is beatiful! I love autumn.