Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Want a "Quickie" ? Today 7.16.13

It is HOT HOT HOT today, even here in the Gardens at Waters East on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Decided very early this morning to water the young vegetable plants and the many flowers in pots so they can survive this heat.  This is not my kind of weather!

While working in the gardens, a new visitor appeared.  It is new to this area first seen this Spring by one of the neighbors.  The Thirteen Striped Gopher paid no attention to me.  Either I do not spend enough time in the gardens so it didn’t know what or who I am, or I spend so much time in the gardens that it thinks I am just part of the scenery!  The gopher was five feet away when the photos were taken and it just kept eating away.

Took only a few of photos, just too hot and too humid to be outside.
Enjoy a short HOT & HUMID  trip around the gardens today.


 Delphinium at driftwood fence

 Delphinium & False Sunflower

 Feverfew & Poppy

 Blue Flax & Dragon Blood Sedum

 False Sunflower

 Easy to tell the humidity is high
there is little "definition" between the sky and Lake Michigan.

 Almost looks as if there is no lake!

 The Lemon Tree loves this weather
producing many lemons.

 Marguerite Daisy & Poppy

 Looking West

 Monkshood - Aconitum Napellus Album

 Native Primrose & Sweet William

 Flemish Poppy

 Sambucus in Bloom

 A "weed" seed head about to "go wild"

 Yarrow - pink

(All “Quickies” are photos taken and posted the same day)
These photos were taken this morning at the Gardens at Waters East. - - 7.16.13

NOTE:   Since this Blog is meant to be an accurate journal of the gardens;
no photos are “staged”, “arranged”, or ”photo-shopped” in anyway.
What is posted – is what it here.  It is what it is.

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  1. Very nice flowering in your garden. We don't have gosper here, just squirrels...
    Here, It is very hot too for two weeks, but no shore or no water to get some freshness !

  2. I called my sister today and she told me the same thing. At least you have the lake to give you some of that cool breeze :-)

  3. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
    and follow you too :))


  4. Wonderful garden!Glad you have the hot weather, it's real summer. Did you swim in a lake?

  5. Well you still have a lot of lovely blooms even with the hot weather. Yesterday a friend in Boston was telling me how very hot it was there, strange that in some parts of the States it's now hotter than in the Caribbean!

  6. Hi Jack!
    Your garden and flowers always are gorgeous! I am very enchanted with them. I am glad that my photos of mandarin orange brought back memories to you. I wish you could taste them here in my orchard!
    Hope you have a very pleasant Sunday. :)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I started out saying it was nice to meet you, but deleted that in case we have already met. I am pretty scatterbrained these days. Yes, I can see from your post that we do have a number of plants in common.

    How big is your yard? It looks like you do live at the water's edge. I love your header photo. Your place is beautiful!