Wednesday, May 7, 2014



This is the third posting in the series “THE TREE” which follows the life of a special Honey Locust tree in the Gardens at Waters East.  If you have not read the first posting, it might be most helpful for you to do that.  Go to the archives in this Blog and check out the posting – Beginnings - found on March 7, 2014.  Reading this short introduction will put this tree and future postings in proper perspective.  Also it will be helpful if you have the time, look at the second posting found on April 7, 2014.

One would think that by this time of the year May 7th.  There would be more to see on the development of the Honey Locust in the garden here along the shore of Lake Michigan.  Well – guess again!!!  I promise that for the next posting coming in June there will be more “life” here on the tree.  For now – here is the present state of the Honey Locust.  As you see not much happening!!!  (Photos were taken on the 3rd. and the 7th.)

from a distance – approaching

one of the branches - close

Now be patient, in the June posting there will be some more “factoids” about the locust and photos showing more life – I HOPE!!!  It has been a long winter indeed.

at the base of the tree - today

However – let it be known that there is life in other parts of the garden.  Thus for your garden “enjoyment” on today’s visit;  here are a couple of photos from this week which makes me know that Spring will be happening and the Honey Locust will be coming to life shortly!

 Crocus at rock



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no photos are “staged”, “arranged”, or ”photo-shopped” in anyway.
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  1. Spring is indeed very slow in making its appearance.One of these days everything will come to life quickly.I hope.

  2. We had spring 2 months ago, now its windy and cold - not nice at all. And I have just planted 25 trees in the area which I hope will be a little "park" . I do hope they will survive - but they are chosen with care so I think they will!

  3. Those are beautiful spring blooms! The tree might not look very different, but the life around it does. Happy Spring!