Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Decorating

Simplicity in Holiday Decorations

There is something attracting to many people about holiday decorations that make big productions out of the season.  The more lights, often synchronized with music, and even more lights, figures of Santa, nativities, elves, etc.,  more and more, seems to appeal to many people.  It reminds one of the Christmas movie where Chevy Chase plays Clark Griswold.  Talk about over done decorating!  The home in that movie had light running up and down the roof, the eves, the steps, the windows, etc.  Watch television news programs that have segments on holiday decorations, the homes and decorating that you see are those with the “more must be better” style.  These are the places that people drive to visit.  Many people find such over exuberance the best, and vote such places the top winners of the season.

For those who think simplicity and understatement are the way to go in decorating, here is an idea that values both.  Since the Gardens at Wasters East is located on the shores of Lake Michigan it is very fitting that the decorations accentuate the lake environment in materials used to decorate.  If you live near a lake, or view a lake, or just have an appreciation for lake and water;  here is very simple decoration that speaks your “language”.

The main entrance door to the home has a piece of driftwood which was found on the beach, decorated with white poinsettia and red berries.  Very simple yet it speaks the season.  In approaching the entrance, it is easy to tell this is the holidays without having it shouting in your face.  Simple and understated.

The entry door is simple with glass so that those approaching are not distracted.
Visitors can see right through to the lake beyond. 

The driftwood found on the beach is five feet in length.

The driftwood is attached to the door with a magnet.
Holes have been drilled into the driftwood so that the decorations can be easily attached.

The decoration is very understated:  driftwood, white poinsettia, and red berries.
This allows those approaching the entrance to "feel" the season, yet see through to the lake beyond.

closeup of the decoration

The understated simplicity of the entrance decorations.
Spotlighted in the evenings with a solar spotlight.

Such decorations have a spirit of elegance, carry the message of the season, are calming to the soul, and are remembered.  If this is your taste, try decorating in a low key style.  Use materials that are part of the “life” of your home.  Keep it simple.  The visual “words” spoken will be heard clearly.  The message recognized.  The impact deep.  The season celebrated.

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  1. Simple and understated which leaves an elegant impression upon all visitors. I love that driftwood decoration!