Thursday, February 24, 2011

ART: Abstract Expressionism #1

Abstract Expressionism – “art for art sake

An ongoing series of “art” photos:

The photos here are in the style of abstract impressionism, wherein the emotion is the thing.  Much like the work of Pollock, Sato-Leui, Zampedroni, and others;  these pictures release unconscious creativity through the use of colors, shapes and lines.  The following photos were all taken at Gardens at Waters East.  Each original photo is followed by the exact same photo, only with a change to the computer settings “making” an abstract expressionism “painting”.  The final product is interesting.

The possibilities are unlimited.  Just a slight adjustment as the photo is “saved” in the computer makes the variations never ending.  It is another way of viewing the garden with a creative eye.  This is a great “project” when the gardener can not be out in the dirt.  These dual photos also make great note cards that are given out to visitors at Gardens at Waters East.


Diablo Ninebark & Spider Web


Lilies, Marguerite & More

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