Monday, May 16, 2011

First Flowers of May

It has been a very long Winter, very long.  May is here and Spring has started – finally.  It has been so cold and wet, even the Spring is slow in coming.  Last night there were frost warnings for the area and tonight there are freeze warnings for the areas West of Gardens at Waters East.  Yet the flowers have begun to show and bloom.  It is the little things that make gardeners happy!

Here are a few photos of the early May flowers now blooming and bringing color and life during these first two weeks at Gardens at waters East.  It is indeed a joy to see them.


 Tardia in the Asian Garden

Dwarf Iris

Butterbur - Panacides japonica

Daffodils & Forsythia
This is 1 of the more than 112 bunches of daffodils in the Gardens at Waters East

Cushion Spurge

Grape Hyacinth

Newly emerged Petasities japonicus - "Dinosaur Food"
To see this plant in its full glory refer back to the posting
Blog Shots #3 of December 22, 2010.
The leaves on this plant get up to four feet across on stems up to six feet tall.


Pasque Flower

Puschkinia  Libanotica

Scilla - Siberian Squill
among the peony sprouts

Star Magnolia

Scilla Peruviana

Yellow Tulip

White Scilla - Siberian Squill

Windflower - anemone blanda

Wood Violets
There are blue, white, and yellow Wood Violets in the Gardens at Waters East

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  1. How beautiful! Two I wasn't familiar with are Petasities japonicus and Panacides japonica. Fascinating plants! You captured everything in the perfect light. It must be beautiful by the lake these days!

  2. You have waited so long, it must, indeed, be an exciting moment when the colour starts to arrive.


  3. so exciting to see all these flowers finally blooming for you...wonderful