Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Private Garden in Guatemala

The first half of May was spent in Guatemala visiting many of the “tourist” sites;  Guatemala City, Antiqua, Lake Atitlan, Chichicastenago.  It is a beautiful country, often called the land of eternal Spring.  It is so different than here at the Gardens at Waters East on the shores of Lake Michigan in the United States.  Everything is growing in Guatemala even as they call this season Winter there because some trees are loosing their leaves.

A small part of time was spent at the private garden and farm of Rosa and Jose in the lands outside of the city of Escapulas.  They live in an area of few roads, no electricity, no running water, few phones, no TV, etc.  Most of what they need to survive on is grown or raise right on their property, many nut and fruit trees, coffee plants, cashews, pineapple, mango, avocado, banana, on and on.  They raise their own chickens, geese, fish and more.  A people who love their land and live all organically, with a commitment to sustainability.  What a wonderful place to be.  So little and yet so much.

Here are a few photos form Rosa’s garden at the front of her home.  Beautiful flowers that the “plant lover” in all of us can enjoy.  The world over;  in cities or rural lands,  in jungles and mountains  - there are people who appreciate living beauty and make the world a better place because they do.

Enjoy your visit to Rosa’s garden.

View of Mountains
Across from the farm home of Jose and Rosa

Entry Garden of Rosa & Jose's home

Ceiba near the farm
The National Tree

Cashew Nut on the Tree

Even the dog took a siesta in the heat

area road
near the farm

Lizard on rock
Among the Coffee Trees

Sunrise at the Farm

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  1. Some wonderful flowers from what is for me a very exotic part of the world. I especially love the photo of the entry garden. Their home looks just beautiful

  2. love the little bee going on the orange corona flower.

  3. Beautiful! We love Central America and have gone to Belize, Costa Rica and my husband to Panama a couple times. Never visited Guatemala (yet!). So interesting and different down there in C.A. Our funnest trip was to Belize. We also like the more rugged, off-the-grid places in tune with nature. Our place in Belize was a hut on a peninsula, with the Caribbean on one side and a large lagoon on the other... Hope you had a great time. : )