Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fog comes on little cat feet

Monday evening this week brought a wave of fog creeping in from Lake Michigan, tiptoeing across StoneWater Beach, up the bluff and embracing the trees, bushes, and plants of this quiet place.  Slowly yet deliberately the fog kept coming and coming pushing across the Gardens at Waters East, creating a mood of mystery and the unknown.  The whole feeling of the gardens changed in minutes.  Pretty awesome to experience.

At times the sun was completely gone hidden by the heavy and dense fog,  at other times the filtered light added to the drama to the garden.

These pictures are only a few of the more than one hundred photos taken during the hour of this transformation at the shore.

You can almost “feel” the chill in the air as the fog wraps itself around everything in view, including the photographer.  One of the ever-changing expressions of living on this lake.

               The fog
                         comes on little cat feet.
               It sits
                         looking over harbor and city
                         on silent haunches
                         and then moves on.
                                                           A poem by – Carl Sandburg

Then the sun began to set, and the fog moved on.
Here is seen a sunset to the East

Looking West down the driveway
is the final setting sun at the Gardens at Waters East

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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  1. What a nice relief to be by the beach like that especially now with the humidity and all. That's the one thing I miss here in the desert.....misty fog. Once and awhile we'll get it...but rarely. Hope you are enjoying the summer. As always, you have such beautiful views with your wonderful garden.