Monday, July 16, 2012

June - Review 2012

The first “real” summer month has now ended so it is time to look over some of the many views from Gardens at Waters East.  More than 800 photos were taken in the gardens this past June.  It is so very difficult to limit this posting to only twelve of them that reflect the many phases and patterns of plants here on the shores of Lake Michigan.  There are so many more that could be viewed and enjoyed, nevertheless this posting will try to capture the whole range in only a few select photos.  In the days ahead, some others will be posted in the series titled Blog Shots.

None of these photos have been posted until now.
Enjoy your visit.

Blue Flax

Coreopsis - Early Sunrise

Goat's Beard
 on Asian Patio

Diablo Ninebark in bloom

Storm Clouds
over Formal Garden 

among the Golden Ninebark


Geranium - Splish Splash


Persian Coneflower


June 8, 2012

NOTE:  All photos use in this posting were taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East.

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  1. You are so lucky to be able to plant and enjoy all those! Really beautiful spot you live at! LT (thanks for the note on my blog)

  2. Beautiful! I'm so surprised that it reminds so much of Sweden. The landscape, the plants ... Nice blog!

  3. Gorgeous selection of flowers here. Thanks for sharing the highlights. Love the Blue Flax, Goat's Beard and Poppy especially.

  4. I second the raves for the blue flax and poppy. Great photos.

  5. Love the great shots of the beautiful flowers in your area. The blue flax ia so pretty while the goat's beard is so unusual. I recently visited Toronto and move around Lake Ontario area. There were many types of gorgeous flowers that I've not seen before.

  6. Beautiful!! Except for the Lysimachia, as it brings back nightmares of trying to get rid of it in my garden. I'm sure your large garden area can handle it just fine, but my gardens are just too small.

  7. what beautiful pictures!!! Look like postcards!

  8. I like the photo of the coreopsis. I bought a small one from the garden centre recently (and have already forgotten the variety). I am hoping it will produce lots of seed that I can sow and then get lots more plants from but I haven't done any reading to see whether it is possible.


  9. Oh, I know! Isn't it hard to hold back on the photos when there is so much beauty around you? Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm a first timer here....and what can I say! Such a beautiful spot overlooking the lake,and such a sense of space.And for me, blue flax is an absolute joy wherever it's planted!

  11. I saw you put a note on my blog, thank you. When I saw the main picture on your blog I thought wow.....what a flowers, what a beautiful spot and the view over the lake, wonderful! I was touched by the Diablo Ninebark in bloom, I do not know this, so I shall have to find out.
    I'm your next follower.

  12. Das schönste an deinem Garten ist die wundervolle Aussicht.
    Die Blumen und Pflanzen sind natürlich auch ganz herrlich. Du zeigst eine große Auswahl. Die meisten Pflanzen wachsen auch in meinem Garten. Aber der blaue Lein ((Linum usitatissimum) ist mir als Gartenpflanze bisher unbekannt. Das Blau ist sehr schön leuchtend.
    Danke für die schönen Bilder