Saturday, November 9, 2013

Autumn "Cutting" 2013

This was the week to cut back the perennials in the Gardens at Waters East.  It takes hours and days, but always happy to get it done.  The next step is to rake up all the cuttings from the garden rooms and move the piles to a composting site.  Lots of work yet to do over the next two weeks.  Happy to have this much done!
While moving around the gardens cutting plants this week, a few photos were taken for the garden journal files showing some of the remaining blooms and sights.  Here are a few from the work this week.

 Setting Sun
spotlighting - Barberry "Golden Nugget"
on Asian Patio

 Mallow Selvestri

 cutting at Middle Walk

 Geranium - Johnston Blue


 cutting at Rain Garden

 Guttendorf Rose
leaves turned yellow

 Magnolia - Royal Star
Autumn Berries

 Milkweed Pods

Yarrow & Sedum Autumn Joy

NOTE:   Since this Blog is meant to be an accurate journal of the gardens;
no photos are “staged”, “arranged”, or ”photo-shopped” in anyway.
What is posted – is what it here.  It is what it is.

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  1. The autumn garden has its own beauty and yours is spectacular.

    The cold is on its way south weeks earlier than average.

  2. It´s very interesting to see gardening from a different perspective, an other place in the world. I like the touch of "every day life" in your blog. I live and work with gardening in Sweden.

  3. Clean up time here, too! But I don't have the spectacular views to share like you have. With all the wind this weekend, we probably won't have to rake many leaves.

  4. Missed seeing you AGAIN...cleaned up some in Algoma, and finally divided humongous hostas. THAT was my gardening challenge this year. Hope to see you NEXT spring//summer!

  5. Nice that you still have some blooms. I have a few, too, but they're fading fast with the frost.Sounds like we'll all have a major cold front coming down from Canada during the next few days. Do you cut all your perennials back or leave some standing? I usually leave some, depending on the plant of course.

  6. Always, always - such a treat! A recent blog featured insects on the blooms and I loved it. It isn't only the nature shows on TV.....Your camera lens shows what my eyes miss.