Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cana Island Light - Winter - - Watershed #16

This posting is the “Winter” version of the original posting on Cana Island found in the archives dated November 5, 2012 - - Watershed #7.  Check it out.

Cana Lighthouse & Keepers Quarters

Cana Island is located north of Gardens at Waters East and sits out in Lake Michigan.  It rest on Niagara Escarpment rock.  Much more information on this unique rock formation which runs for hundreds of miles from Niagara Falls New York over the top of Lake Michigan then out to the state of Iowa, can be found in the archives titled:  Niagara Escarpment – Watershed #6   July 21 2012.

 view of mainland from island

Old Shed near the Lighthouse

Cana Island lighthouse is located in Door County Wisconsin which has more lighthouses than any other county in the USA.  The lighthouse was built in 1869 out of cream city brick from Milwaukee.  Due to the deteriorating condition of the brick from lake storms, the tower was clad in a steel casing in 1902 and then painted white.  The tower is 89 feet tall with the light being 85 feet above the water level.  It has a third order Fresnel lens which was made in France.  The visual range is 18 miles.

 Seawall protecting the Lighthouse

visitors out at the edge of the ice buildup

For basic fundamental facts and photos about the watershed for the area of Gardens at Waters East, see the posting for July 2, 2011 in the archives.  Other past postings in the Watershed Series cover additional examples of this important geographic resource.

 Common Red Poll
near the old shed

 ice buildup
edge of Cana Island

 Cana Light

NOTE:   All photos posted on this Blog are always taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East except for those posted in this series titled Watershed.  This series takes the Blog beyond the immediate gardens to the fuller area that nourished its “neighborhood”.

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  1. Love the photos - in spite it looks like the North of Sweden! I do not know why I or how I find your blog, but I like to visit it again. Preferably in spring, summer or autumn - I´m not a "winter person"!

  2. You have more snow than we have here in Finland.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Love the subject and the history.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Love the history.

  5. Jack! you have taken wonderful photos of winter, I love this snow, bright sun and water of the lake!