Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Want a "Quickie" ? Today 7.22.14

(All “Quickies” are photos taken and posted the same day)
These photos were taken today at the Gardens at Waters East. - - 7.22.14.  The title of this posting could easily be “Mix of Colors”.  At noon, in visiting the gardens, it was easy to find so many combinations of colors.  After taking more than fifty photos, these few were chose to share as a sampling of what is blooming at this time of year, this very day, here along the shores of Lake Michigan.  There was  a lot of haze today which is being caused by the wildfires in the states of Washington and Oregon, 2000 west of the gardens and is drifting here.
Enjoy the colors

 Marguerite Daisy & Smoke Bush

 Lily & Marguerite Daisy

 Delphinium & False Sunflower

 Feverfew & Marguerite Daisy

 Persian Coneflower & Blue Spruce

 Sweet William & Native Primrose

 Artemisia & White Daisy

 Flax, Poppy, & Sedum

 Veronica & Gutendorff Rose

 Salvia & Sedum

 decorative pot at garden patio door

 view - Lake Path & Haze

 Pink Mallow & Diablo Ninebark

 view - Salvia & False Sunflower

 Diablo Ninebark, Native Primrose, & sedum

 Purple Coneflower & Golden Ninebark

 view - Haze, Lake Michigan, and gardens

 Veronica & Maltese Cross

NOTE:   Since this Blog is meant to be an accurate journal of the gardens;
no photos are “staged”, “arranged”, or ”photo-shopped” in anyway.
What is posted – is what it here.  It is what it is.

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Reference Note:  For a complete list of the ten (10) Principles of Design plus the special “Golden Principle of Design” used throughout Gardens at Waters East, check out the archive postings for November 14 – 24, 2010 and May 2, 2011.


  1. Seems that many areas are affected by a smoky haze these days. We have it here in Manitoba and on a recent trip to Alberta,it was also very hay.Despite the haze,your flower images are wonderful.