Friday, August 1, 2014

"Cat House" in the gardens

Finally – my own “cat house”.  It has been a number of years of searching but finally, this June of 2014, there is was. - the cat house of my dreams!

It had to be welcoming – for sure.  Why else have a cat house?  Had to have style – cater to those with exquisite taste.  And, had to draw attention – needs to advertise that it is available for clients.  Well, found everything wanted and desired!

There was no preconceived idea as to who would enjoy the place.  Not everyone  needs a cat house, but for those looking for that kind of place, the Gardens at Waters East wanted to have the perfect “get-a-way”, the perfect “hide-a-way” .   So what do you think?

Cat House in located in the tree at the center of photo.

And the views, well you be the judge.  As they say in real estate there are only three rules:  “location, location, and location”.

Even in the storms, the views are excellent!

Looking out the "front door".

It was the Wren family, in July, who decided this place has everything it wants.  Space, appeal, shelter, and style.  They have moved in and already have created a family with lots of music and birdsong.  Nice to see them enjoying the house, the views, and the lush surrounding gardens.

Quickly build a nest for the family.

Really difficult capturing this bird.  Every time got close enough to take a photo it would fly to another area of the gardens.  It went from the front door of the cat house, to the garden arch, to the bench, to a nearby tree, then back to the arch.  All the time sing that distinctive birdsong.  Not the best photos today but you get the idea.

 from here

 to here

 to there

 back to here

over to there

As they would say, “happy you were able to visit, please come again”.
Don’t be strangers. Do stop by again.

 Cat House tree in on the right
nice views.

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  1. Your garden have a beautiful views, always is nice to see... if I was a bird, no doubt!! I would have installed in that nest , so cute!

  2. Such a fun post. Love the cat house and the trials of your wren pictures. But the view from your place is as always just wonderful!

  3. Had a great big laugh when I saw your post! I'm sure the whrens are loving it and your most wonderful views. I'd love to have one in my garden :)