Monday, December 1, 2014

The Gay Gardener - a poem by OTL - with photos!

The Gay Gardener

Winter Sunrise - Gardens at Waters East

Just the mention of “gay”
Brings up so many different definitions.
          to celebrating,
          to an orientation being embraced,
So many uses of that word
So many feelings invoked.

There are many,
          though some will not admit it publicly,
That find beauty in the naked form.
When viewed in colored photos
          some even are heard say out loud – “FABULOUS”.
But even if in Black and White – the lines of those forms are
          eye-catching indeed.

Admit it,
          you like seeing such – be honest.
That is that something we all like to see.
Clothed only in one’s beauty.

It is ture – I cannot lie
I often have been found day in and day out
          spending time with some male beauties.
On hot Summer days and moon lit nights
          I get hot
          I even get sweaty
          on my knees
          what delight.

Something special
          in bright sunny skies
               exposed for all to see
               with these guys
               one at a time
               or in groups
               I really don’t mind.

Work - sure
Pleasure - - - for sure!

Here are some of the male friends
          that bring my “gaiety” to life.
No doubt,
You too
          have had like friends I’m sure – for sure.

Admit it.
Don’t be shy.
Be proud when you’re “out”
          in the garden like me
          with friends like these.

Sweet William – how colorful indeed.
Bachelor Button – what a life.
Basil – love to eat that one
          Don’t you?
Cosmos – seems so sophisticated even the name.
Peacock Orchid – what more do I say?
Jacob’s Ladder – not bad in the shade.
Joe Pye Weed – butterflies love him,
          they can’t be all wrong
          they love to indulge.
And last but not least:
Cockscomb – - - FABULOUS.

They all live in my garden,
Maybe yours too.
Now face it.
Be honest.
You like these guys
          As much as I.
Does that make you “Happy and Gay”?

Poem by OTL

 Sweet William

 Bachelor Button



 Peacock Orchid

 Jacob's Ladder

 Joe Pye

The Fabulous - Cockscomb

If you wish to view some – NOT SO PRIVATE PHOTOS – of the naked men living with me:  checkout anyone of a number of past postings on this Blog.  Especially revealing are those in the archives titled:  BLOG SHOTS

You are always welcomed to email a message or share photos of your garden
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  1. A popular comedian over here used to have a catch phrase
    'you are naughty, but I like you'
    I am rather scared of making the first comment tonight'

  2. Another awesome photo - the winter sunrise is spectacular! Reminds me of one I took looking toward Grand Teton shot over whatever lake it is. The clouds in the small picture look like snow-capped mountains. The flowers make me wishful, and with the poem, few could weave things together as artfully - with a comedic bents - as you have. Besides that, the basil prompted my choice for dinner tonight.