Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guatemala - one giant garden

Guatemala is one giant garden. It is beautiful.  The brilliant blue of the sky, the awesome billowing clouds with the purest of whites, the trees, the flowers blooming here and there and everywhere.  A rainbow of delights.

a small orchid

This past Saturday – September 12th. while walking one of the trails in a wild and natural forest preserve at the edge of the city, I took these photos.  There are so many that could be publish here today but this posting will limit itself to “only a few” seen along the paths in this native forest.

Enjoy a few photos of the “eye candy” of Guatemala.


 Scouts out for a hike

 most interesting fungi

 a bug looking at me


 fungi in a tree trunk

 yellow flowering plant - used in cooking

 lichen on tree trunk

 yellow bird

 small but beautiful blue

 another fungi

 a hiker on the trail

 patches of these yellow daisy-like flowers

 very interesting pattern

 butterfly enjoying some nectar

 interesting trunk

 in your face!!!

 the smallest of flowers

 beautiful reds

A photo of El Fuego - taken as I was about to leave the airport.

Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Eine sehr interessante Wanderung. Deine Bilder sind großartig.
    Gruß, Anette

  2. Gorgeous--what a wonderful experience for you! It's great to see Tropical Milkweed growing in the wild. Did you see any Monarch butterflies?

  3. Beautiful photos with a remarkable fungi.

  4. that pink 'in your face' looks like a South African Podranea ricasolina.
    I wonder if it is? Or a related speces?

  5. pictures represent like peace :)

  6. beautiful reds are so good!
    Greetings from Guatemala!