Saturday, January 21, 2017

Watershed #28

Enjoy another day exploring with me some different areas of the watershed for the Gardens at Waters East.


NOTE:  Summary Definition:  - -   Every photo posted on this Blog is always taken on the property of Gardens at Waters East – except those under the heading “Watershed”.  The watershed is that area of surrounding land, water, and streams beyond the gardens that nurture the gardens and eventually, slowly move East where the waters find their way into Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes.

 Ahnapee River

 Spider ?

 along the Ice Age Trail

(For a more detailed explanation of the facts of this particular Great Lakes watershed, refer back to the posting on 12.16.16 Watershed #27)


 mushrooms - Indian Burial Grounds

 StoneWater Beach - Gardens at Waters East

 Peninsula Park - Door County

 StoneWater Beach

 Ahnapee Trail

 Sunset - Kewaunee County

The watershed - - Gardens at Waters East

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  1. Beautiful. Some of these places are favorite visiting destinations over the years.