Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mayan ruins - flowers

While traveling in Guatemala recently and in the past years, I was fortunate enough to visit a number of Mayan ancient city sites.  I have always loved architecture so I took lots and lots of photos of the structures – and a few of the flowers growing there among the ruins.  Here are only a very few photos of each – you get the idea.  What a beautiful country and wonderful kind people.
Enjoy the visit, enjoy a few of the “wild” flowers.

 Zaculeu - MAM - overview
The White City

 flower near the ruin

 Zaculeu - MAM

 me on top - Zaculeu - MAM



 Lichen at Iximche

 Iximche - tree blossoms



 Iximche - seeds in holes of a tree
made by birds then placed there

 Kaminaljuu - ruins
The City of the Dead
in the heart of Guatemala City

 Kaminaljuyu - people praying for the dead

 Kaminaljuyu - flowering tree

 Kaminaljuyu - people at prayer
with flower offerings and song

 Kaminaljuyu - flower

 Kaminaljuyu - interesting very small black flower

only 60 kilometers from Guatemala City

ball court
lichen on ruins

a "resident" inspecting me as I inspect the ruins


Bee Hive - notice the pattern

 CHUWA - flower

 CHUWA - tree beginning to bloom

 CHUWA - twin ruins

Lake Atitlan

Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Great photos of Mayan ancient city sites.
    Love the pictures of the flowers growing there among the ruins too!
    Lake Atitlan looks beautiful.
    Happy Easter!

  2. Fascinating visit to the Mayan ruins. The white flower at Kaminaljuyu is a prickly poppy which grows wild in my neighborhood here in Texas. The pink orchid-like flower is a type of Bauhinia or Orchid Tree which also grows here though our native Bauhinia flowers are smaller.

  3. Great and interesting impressions! Like the Bauhinia and Argemone mexicana so much! Wish peaceful Easter!

  4. Beautiful photography! That red/orange/yellow salvia is so vibrant--I'll be the hummingbirds love it. I think that pink-flowering tree is an "orchid flower tree" or Bauhinia. I remember seeing those in New Orleans, too. Of course I notice all the plants. LOL. But the Mayan ruins and structures are fascinating, too!

  5. Wunderbare Bilder von einer interessanten Reise. Ich würde mir die alten Maya-Ruinen auch sehr gern ansehen. Leider geht das nicht.
    Um so mehr genieße ich deine Bilder.
    Viele Grüße,